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Founding Story of TEAM

Steve and Jan Rasmussen

Steve and Jan Rasmussen formed TEAM and moved to Mwanza, Tanzania in 1995 where they helped lead Lake Victoria Christian College (LVCC). Their work expanded beyond teaching to training, writing, and supporting projects that bless the church and communities.  They are pictured below with their children and colleagues.

team team_edited.jpg

African Leaders Serving Closely with TEAM

Steve and Jan have worked side-by-side with a few key Tanzanian leaders of the northwestern lake regions. Pictured above are Raphael Okeyo (Shirati), the late Benester Misana (Musoma), John Mwanzilima (Mwanza), and Nestory Lunyilija (Geita).  These men teach courses and seminars as well as lead in the Pentacostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa (PEFA) as bishops and ministers in their own churches. They provide financial accountability, implementation, and reporting for projects.

LVCC Partnership

Lake Victoria Christian College (LVCC) has developed a contextualized training system at every level throughout Northwestern Tanzania. Active ministers from many denominations receive accessible and affordable training.

mwanza grads seated.png

Bethel Christian Fellowship

TEAM is a project of Bethel Christian Fellowship (BCF) in St. Paul, Minnesota which provides a 501c3 charitable platform. BCF faithfully supported the Rasmussen family as missionaries and continues to stand with the broader TEAM ministry that has grown significantly since 1995.

TEAM Advisory Board

The TEAM advisory board is made up of experienced outside experts who are supporting the ministry and providing accountability. Left front circling to back then right: Clarice Esslinger, Laurel Hardgrove (committee member), Ian Hardgrove, Todd Rasmuson (committee member), Maura Hackenmeuller, Tamara Rasmuson, Steve Rasmussen, Jan Rasmussen.

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