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TEAM mission statement: Training ministers for healthy churches and flourishing communities

Musoma L.V.V.C class - edited.jpg

Trained Ministers

LVCC does a lot of training on a very small budget.  TEAM helps with scholarships and books to help the various schools.


Campus Infrastructure for Training Ministers

LVCC Musoma

Thanks to many generous donors, the dormitory in the Musoma was completed as of August 2022.  The students are celebrating this lovely addition

Healthy Churches

TEAM has been able to help 63 churches finish their church roofs in 2022.  After a church finishes building their walls, TEAM has been able to provide the roof.  This church is gathering to celebrate their new roof.


Flourishing Communities

TEAM is helping to facilitate getting new wells into communities.  These wells are accompanied by seminars for the community. 

The church is embracing the need to care for widows and orphans and TEAM is coming alongside them.

Buturi 6.jpeg
Orphans receiving uniforms and school materials (2).jpg





  1.  Biblically Faithful and Locally Appropriate. Our training is built on the Word of God for pragmatic service in the church and community.  Our hope is in Jesus, the living word, who inspires us, equips us and empowers us.  Every culture both adds to our understanding of the gospel and needs to be transformed by the gospel.  With a deeper understanding of God, ministry is locally led, and our training content and methods are appropriate to the context.

  2. Trusted, Interdependent Relationships. By God’s grace, there is strong trust among us and a commitment to keep nurturing it.  Integrity, honesty, and humility are clearly visible throughout TEAM. In our USA-Tanzania connections, we benefit from each other, and we see Christ more clearly by ministering together with each other along with anyone pursuing good for the communities where we serve.

  3. Service that Treasures the Overlooked. Our ministers are trained to serve.  Jesus treasures those who are often overlooked by society – orphans, widows, those suffering unjustly, and the impoverished.  In the big picture, because Africa has such a large percentage of the world’s young people, it is key to the future. This is especially true for the church. We are privileged to invest in the overlooked with whatever resources or wisdom we have that can leverage these treasures.

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